Nicole Aniston Bio

Nicole Aniston once worked at an Italian food restaurant for a boss that she hated. After that, she got a job working at a bank where she remained for a few years. You could have run into her at either place and enjoyed friendly customer service from a cute girl without ever suspecting that in a couple more years, she would be a famous pornstar filming hundreds of XXX films and landing the most coveted magazine covers and titles within the adult industry.

Nicole was born in San Diego County, California on September 9, 1987. She is 5’3″ tall and had her breasts augmented to very full D-cups in February 2011. Her natural breasts can still be seen in some of her earlier work since she made her adult industry debut in 2010. Her decision to join the world of porn came out of financial need, but she has stayed because she enjoys it.

A hardworking performer, Nicole has already appeared in 175+ films and too many internet scenes to keep count of. She has been nominated for multiple awards, including the 2013 XBiz Performer of the Year. She was chosen as the Penthouse Pet of the Month August 2012, and the Pet of the Year 2013. She was also named the September 2013 Twistys Treat of the Month.

Nicole hits the gym seven days a week and follows a vegan lifestyle. In addition to her career in adult entertainment, she also desires to work in fitness and nutrition and has ideas for a comfortable and sustainable line of workout wear.

In her spare time, Nicole enjoys visiting with family and friends, going to wineries, getting pedicures, tanning, and watching Family Guy. She also considers guns to be a hobby.

Buxom, blonde, and spectacular at sex, Nicole Aniston is an amazing enchantress eager to make your dreams come true on screen.

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